Have you got any idea what is going on in your brain while reading this text? Probably not. And most people will think: “Why would I want to know that when my brain does what it should do? Everything ‘up there’ is mysterious and out of my control.”

Balance Heart And MindBut that certainly is not the case. It isn’t out of your control and it isn’t just doing what it should do. Your lifestyle greatly influences how your brain functions. When you do the wrong things and feed it the wrong foods your brain will suffer. You will make it illl and in the end will suffer the consequences. Your brain may succumb to one of those terrible diseases of which Alzheimer disease is the best-known.

The importance of keeping our heart and our lungs healthy, staying in shape physically, controlling blood sugar levels, and keeping a healthy weight are in the center of attention. But brain awareness lacks far behind. Nevertheless, the brain deserves far more interest since it is precisely our brain that governs the rest of our body.

To be able to help your brain stay healthy, it is of the utmost importance that you do know a little bit about what is going on in your brain. It will help you adapt your lifestyle to make it more suitable for your brain’s health. It has been proven certain lifestyle changes will help you keep your brain healthy into old age.

The brain is a flexible organ designed to improve with use. For every aspect of its functioning the adage is “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it”. Due to the slow course of ageing in humans, the nervous system can compensate and maintain an adequate function even in centenarians.

Safety Net Catching Falling BrainWe all have the tools and the ability to prevent or postpone processes of cognitive decline. Of course a healthy lifestyle cannot guarantee you will stay sharp until your final days since some influencing factors are out of our control, but it will certainly improve your chances considerably of keeping your wit.

So, take matters into your own hands and try at least some small changes to make your lifestyle more brain-consciously. It is so easy and will give you such great rewards. Your brilliant brain deserves it!


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Very sharp scan of the human brain in greenIt just keeps getting better

Our brain produces fantastic thoughts. Everything we know about worlds as far away as other solar systems or as small as an atom has once been discovered by an inquisitive brain.

The human brainThe big picture

On the outside, our brain looks a lot like a walnut: two halves with twisted surfaces and a connective band in between. Both brain halves contain essentially the same components.

Two minds but a single brain

On the outside, our brain looks a lot like a walnut: two halves with twisted surfaces and a connective band in between. Both brain halves contain essentially the same components.

Riot policeProtect and serve

It is clear, the brain is very vulnerable. But it is also the best protected organ of our body. Mother Nature has taken a lot of precautionary measures.

Questons And Strategy SolutionsWill we lose our way?

It is hard to imagine life without our navigational equipment. Just a short time ago, we had to have a map, a city guide, and stop to ask for directions to get to our destination.


Lighting The DirectorActors or directors?

Our brain isn’t populated only by neurones. In fact, they are a minority. Other brain cells, called glial cells, are far more numerous.

auto d'epoca in esposizioneA trip down memory lane

Our memory is by no means infallible. It is in fact extremely biased. You could even argue that nothing that has been stored in one’s memory is an actual description of events.

Abstract acrylic painted backgroundA stroke of bad luck

A stroke can be such a nice thing. Caressing your partner, petting a dog, making a painting. Unfortunately, we use the same word for one of the worst things that can happen.

Forget-me-not flowersForgive and forget

Memory is in the center of attention these days. Everybody would be afraid of losing one’s memory. But it turns out forgetting isn’t such a bad thing after all.

One Yemen chameleonChanging subtly

Our brain is amazingly adept in standing up to the ravages of time. Many – especially young – people think growing old brings along only distress and misery.

the library of congress building in washington dcInformed circles

Isn’t it fantastic that we are able to think about how we are able to think. Our brains are so ingeniously formed that we even have the ability to get to such an abstraction level.

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