Mind Your Brain


The pressure is on

In our present-day busy lives, stress has become a buzzword. Everybody is under a lot of pressure. Due to everything you want and everything you have to do in your free time and on the job, it is your schedule…

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Buck yourself up

At least 350 million people worldwide live with depression. It affects their ability to work and to form relationships. It destroys their quality of life. And it makes almost one million people commit suicide every year. Fortunately, depression is treatable….

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Five times a week, at least

We are often far too optimistic about the amount of exercise we get. “I cycle to my workplace, I walk my dog three times a day.” It seems a great deal, but is it enough to satisfy our brain? And,…

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Will we lose our way?

It is hard to imagine life without our navigational equipment. Just a short time ago, we had to have a map, a city guide, and stop to ask for directions to get to our destination. Now, almost every car has…

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Brain aerobics

One of my first brain research projects involved the effects of brain training. I started my research based on the hypothesis that mental training would be the ultimate tool to keep the brain healthy and stave off age-related diseases like…

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