Mind Your Brain


Rise and shine

Sleep still is one of the greatest biological mysteries. After many decades of research, we know all about what causes us to feel sleepy, different types of sleep, electrical activity in our brains while we sleep, and the mechanisms of…

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A trip down memory lane

Our memory is by no means infallible. It is in fact extremely biased. You could even argue that nothing that has been stored in one’s memory is an actual description of events. It is reality as your brain with its…

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Will we lose our way?

It is hard to imagine life without our navigational equipment. Just a short time ago, we had to have a map, a city guide, and stop to ask for directions to get to our destination. Now, almost every car has…

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Forgive and forget

Memory is in the center of attention these days. Especially since the number of people with dementia which causes memory to fail, is growing. Everybody would be afraid of losing one’s memory. But what about the hell people go through…

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