Mind Your Brain


Fact or fiction

No one really knows what Alzheimer disease is. Billions of dollars are being spent to find a cure for an illness that still can’t be diagnosed with certainty. But an AD diagnosis is easily given to elderly people having memory…

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Changing subtly

Our brain is amazingly adept in standing up to the ravages of time. Many – especially young – people think growing old brings along only distress and misery. But ageing isn’t synonymous with general decline. Our brain is very good…

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A trip down memory lane

Our memory is by no means infallible. It is in fact extremely biased. You could even argue that nothing that has been stored in one’s memory is an actual description of events. It is reality as your brain with its…

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Buck yourself up

At least 350 million people worldwide live with depression. It affects their ability to work and to form relationships. It destroys their quality of life. And it makes almost one million people commit suicide every year. Fortunately, depression is treatable….

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Will we lose our way?

It is hard to imagine life without our navigational equipment. Just a short time ago, we had to have a map, a city guide, and stop to ask for directions to get to our destination. Now, almost every car has…

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The pressure is on

In our present-day busy lives, stress has become a buzzword. Everybody is under a lot of pressure. Due to everything you want and everything you have to do in your free time and on the job, it is your schedule…

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