Mind Your Brain


Fast and furious

We live in a world where wishes have to come true fast and with the least amount of effort. To end up with that yearned for perfectly toned body, for the time being, there’s no other solution than to exercise….

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Run for dear life

For humans, as for other animals, moving is of vital importance. We have to move to make sure we’ll get food on our plates, to run away from danger, and to produce offspring. Our brain directs and coordinates the movements…

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In motion

Why is it so hard to get people moving? By now, surely everybody is convinced of the fact that we have to undertake some type of exercise to stay healthy. In the old days, people automatically got more than enough…

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Buck yourself up

At least 350 million people worldwide live with depression. It affects their ability to work and to form relationships. It destroys their quality of life. And it makes almost one million people commit suicide every year. Fortunately, depression is treatable….

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Five times a week, at least

We are often far too optimistic about the amount of exercise we get. “I cycle to my workplace, I walk my dog three times a day.” It seems a great deal, but is it enough to satisfy our brain? And,…

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Better than drugs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. There’s a lot of truth in this old saying we employ in the West. The Chinese have a similar saying. One hundred steps a day keep the doctor away. In stead of…

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