Mind Your Brain


Run for dear life

For humans, as for other animals, moving is of vital importance. We have to move to make sure we’ll get food on our plates, to run away from danger, and to produce offspring. Our brain directs and coordinates the movements…

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In motion

Why is it so hard to get people moving? By now, surely everybody is convinced of the fact that we have to undertake some type of exercise to stay healthy. In the old days, people automatically got more than enough…

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A bitter pill

Blockbusters are very popular movies that bring in a lot of money for the movie production companies. But disgracefully, the same name is used for pharmaceutical drugs. It is applied to drugs that generate more than one billion US dollars…

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Changing subtly

Our brain is amazingly adept in standing up to the ravages of time. Many – especially young – people think growing old brings along only distress and misery. But ageing isn’t synonymous with general decline. Our brain is very good…

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Fact or fiction

No one really knows what Alzheimer disease is. Billions of dollars are being spent to find a cure for an illness that still can’t be diagnosed with certainty. But an AD diagnosis is easily given to elderly people having memory…

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Quality of life

We all hope to get old healthy and happy. Regrettably, this is not granted to everyone. When someone you care about has been diagnosed with dementia you don’t have to stand by powerless. There’s so much talk about dementia nowadays…

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