Mind Your Brain


Two minds, but a single brain

On the outside, our brain looks a lot like a walnut: two halves with twisted surfaces and a connective band in between. Both brain halves contain essentially the same components, but they are not identical. The size of the different…

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A trip down memory lane

Our memory is by no means infallible. It is in fact extremely biased. You could even argue that nothing that has been stored in one’s memory is an actual description of events. It is reality as your brain with its…

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To be or not to be

Zhang dreamt he was a butterfly flying from one lovely flower to the next. When he awoke he asked his teacher about the meaning of this dream. Master Lao in return asked him how he knew for sure that he…

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Play it smart

For two thousand years, we have been led to believe humans are special. We are superior to every other organism on planet earth,. we are taught. Masters of the universe even. More and more evidence is appearing though that not…

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