Mind Your Brain


It just keeps getting better

What could be more fascinating than our brain? It produces the most fantastic thoughts. Everything we know about worlds as far away as other solar systems or as small as an atom has once been discovered by an inquisitive brain….

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Run for dear life

For humans, as for other animals, moving is of vital importance. We have to move to make sure we’ll get food on our plates, to run away from danger, and to produce offspring. Our brain directs and coordinates the movements…

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Go shopping

A healthy diet starts in the supermarket. Of course, it would be fantastic if you could grow your own food or prepare it from scratch using basic, raw ingredients. But for most of us that just is not feasible. We…

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Play it smart

For two thousand years, we have been led to believe humans are special. We are superior to every other organism on planet earth,. we are taught. Masters of the universe even. More and more evidence is appearing though that not…

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Changing subtly

Our brain is amazingly adept in standing up to the ravages of time. Many – especially young – people think growing old brings along only distress and misery. But ageing isn’t synonymous with general decline. Our brain is very good…

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