Mind Your Brain


The big picture

Let’s get to know the architecture of our brain a little bit better. Although we talk about our grey mass, the brain actually isn’t grey, but a soft pink. The human brain has about the size of two clenched fists…

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It just keeps getting better

What could be more fascinating than our brain? It produces the most fantastic thoughts. Everything we know about worlds as far away as other solar systems or as small as an atom has once been discovered by an inquisitive brain….

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The brain doesn’t like it hot

An adequate body temperature is essential for our survival. The brain is especially vulnerable to temperature changes. It won’t display its usual top performance when temperature is too high. Cooling of the brain on the other hand seems to have…

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The musical brain

The Mozart effect marked a turning point for the research into the impact of music on the human brain. The claim that listening to classical music could boost a child’s intelligence turned out to be a hoax, but many funds…

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Five times a week, at least

We are often far too optimistic about the amount of exercise we get. “I cycle to my workplace, I walk my dog three times a day.” It seems a great deal, but is it enough to satisfy our brain? And,…

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Changing subtly

Our brain is amazingly adept in standing up to the ravages of time. Many – especially young – people think growing old brings along only distress and misery. But ageing isn’t synonymous with general decline. Our brain is very good…

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