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Category: GENES

Tricky business

When you carry a gene mutation that supposedly is involved in a serious disease, would you want to know that? Most people will impulsively say “yes”. But if you think it through the answer isn’t so straightforward. Such knowledge could…

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The book of life

Scientists still don’t agree on whether it is useful to keep on stimulating the brain also at advanced age. This has to do with the fact that our body is formed not only by what we do, what we eat…

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Fountain of youth?

When an engineer would have to come up with a perfectly working human body, it would probably look quit different from ours. We came to be by trial and error. A new feature could be just right as it came,…

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Dedicated detection

Small, icy rooms without heating and English pubs where a lot of alcohol is flowing are ingredients not only for many exciting detective stories, but also for the story of the discovery of the DNA molecule. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic…

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What’s in a number?

We all age. As a child, we love to age and can’t wait to finally become an adult. But when you are in your thirties, growing older is already associated with negative feelings: decline, diseases, loneliness, death. They are phantoms…

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