Mechanical brain, 10eps


Have you got any idea what is going on in your brain while reading this text? Probably not. And most people will think: “Why would I want to know that when my brain does what it should do? Everything ‘up…



Genes and DNA are in the center of attention nowadays. But it isn’t very long ago, nobody had heard of genes and DNA. Scientists had been working on heredity for a long time, but only in the 1990s the general…

Knapsack on the beach


Actually, no reasons exist why you should not possess a well-functioning brain until very advanced age. People’s fear of ageing is often greater than needs to be. Ageing isn’t synonymous with general decline. This only happens when something is wrong,…


Cleaning, Cleaner, Maid.

Come clean

Wash your hands before coming to the table, your mother used to tell you. She was afraid you would contaminate your food with the bacteria stuck on your hands from playing outside. Hygiene is very important, also for the brain….

scary ghost

Fact or fiction

No one really knows what Alzheimer disease is. Billions of dollars are being spent to find a cure for an illness that still can’t be diagnosed with certainty. But an AD diagnosis is easily given to elderly people having memory…

Red carpet and rope barrier

Rise to stardom

Unknown, unloved. It seems to be the life story of the glial cells, the ‘other’ cells in the nervous system. A growing number of recent studies show a far more important role for the glial cells than just supporting neurones….

Animals on boat

Play it smart

For two thousand years, we have been led to believe humans are special. We are superior to every other organism on planet earth,. we are taught. Masters of the universe even. More and more evidence is appearing though that not…

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magician hands with magic wand showing trick

Beyond belief

A strong field of tension exists between science and religion. Many religious people say science is just another belief and thus another religion. And whereas science is supposed to be based on facts, some scientists are extremely religious. Are religion…

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burning car outdoors

A bitter pill

Blockbusters are very popular movies that bring in a lot of money for the movie production companies. But disgracefully, the same name is used for pharmaceutical drugs. It is applied to drugs that generate more than one billion US dollars…

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